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SEO in North Wales

Get individually applied SEO in North Wales for your business needs.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of tweaking content to rank higher on Google and other search engines. As society grows and evolves, so do the online systems we use to stay connected. This is not the wild west internet of the 90s anymore; the biggest presence online is advertisers, and competition can be hefty.

Gone are the days when you could find yourself pages back in the search results scouring for specific data. So why is it that when you search for your own content or company you may find it missing from that coveted first page of results?

We at HDC Projects are a skilled North Wales SEO agency with experience uplifting smaller businesses . Find yourself dwarfed by competitors’ commercial marketing campaigns? We may be able to help boost your online presence!


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Search Engine Optimization

Looking to be ranked higher on Google?

We can already boast the success of our work regarding SEO in North Wales. See the case studies below if you’re curious about the types of businesses we’ve worked with before, and how we’ve elevated their online visibility.

Content Optimization

Optimise your content for SEO in North Wales and beyond!

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t as simple as picking keywords and peppering them into your content. Readability, sentence length, and holding client’s/ customer’s attention is all part of the process.

Built your site already? We can streamline your content for SEO in a way that retains your business’ unique identity.

On Page Optimization

Optimise your website for full functionality.

Not sure why that hyperlink is blocked? Having trouble with embedded video players? Pictures loading in like you’re struggling with cheap venetian blinds? Not a problem: HDC Projects are well-versed in website optimization. Not only will your business be ranking higher, but as a leading SEO agency in North Wales we can consolidate your site overall!

Startup Consulting

Every business venture has its beginnings!

We have extremely valuable experience in building start-ups and can advise on the dos and don’ts. At one point HDC Projects was also a new start-up. Need advice? We understand and are here to help!

Market Analysis Reporting

Looking to grow your business?

We can conduct market data analysis for your SEO or business operations. Local search engine optimization is often overlooked by bigger budget marketing campaigns. However, our experience with SEO in North Wales has shown that enticing the local clientele can break the dam that floods your business with customers.

Off Site SEO

Let us execute a strategic off site SEO strategy for you.

Is your business based somewhere remote? Are you always on the move and find face-to-face meetings difficult to organise? As a North Wales SEO agency HDC Projects is used to active, hands-on clientele with a wide variety of working hours and locations.

As such, we are able to assist you with your business ventures entirely through online correspondence if needed.

”HDC Projects are the only SEO and PPC solution we use now, a professional and well priced service that looks to maximise your exposure whilst unnecessary reducing overspend. HDC Projects is great to work with and the results of HDC Projects work for us were seen very quickly.”

Animated Technologies

Animation Studio

Leading Creative studio in North Wales

A.Roberts Ltd

A.Roberts Ltd, Property and Construction consultants

”HDC Projects have been fantastic in turning my website around. I literally just got a call this morning from a client who has found me on google, this would never of happened before. My website got ranked 3rd on google within the first two months of them starting to tweak things ! Looking forward to getting more traction and credibility as the SEO and PPC campaigns really bed in. Highly recommended.”

A.Roberts Ltd

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We concentrate on achieving the best working relationship possible. Get in touch to see how we can work together today!

We have worked with a wide of companies based in different industry’s such as Technology, Accountancy, Vets , Estate agents and Industrial services.



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Is there a minimum contract length?

We’re not like other agencies who lock you into lengthy contracts; we only require 30 days notice if you wish to leave. Our focus is on building a great working relationship with our clients – something our previous clientele can attest to!

What is ‘SEO’ Search Engine Optimisation ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Let us know your target audience and we’ll do our best to make sure your site is appearing in the search results of potential clients!

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